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Mac and Rob - aka the Grimm Guys, Explorers of the Unseen and seekers of fun.

Welcome to our world of paranormal intrigue and exploration! We're two Kentucky enthusiasts who share a passion for the mysterious realm of the paranormal, fun times and a good meal. Our journey began with a shared fascination for haunted places, the  history behind them, and the unexplained phenomenon's that draws people like us to investigate .  As a team of two, researching all things paranormal, we thought the name Grimm Guys fit best.  Being such a small team made it easy to collaborate with other groups and solo overnights are awesome.  As we continue to ventured into the unknown feeding our love for uncovering the hidden stories behind haunted locations, we decided it would be great to share this with others.  This lead to the establishment of our paranormal investigations group, Grimm Investigations.  Now we can share our adventures as well as other things paranormal with others.    

Meet the Grimm Guys



Mac, the co-founder and heart of Grimm Investigations, brings a unique blend of technical expertise and unwavering dedication to our paranormal pursuits. With a background in technology and a deep fascination with the supernatural, Mac has played an essential role in advancing our investigative methods and ensuring that every eerie encounter is thoroughly documented. Behind the scenes, Mac is the meticulous researcher who sifts through volumes of data, deciphers EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), and analyzes footage for elusive clues. Despite his quiet demeanor, his commitment to uncovering the secrets of the paranormal is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether it's crafting an intricate experiment or fine-tuning equipment to capture spectral evidence, Mac's passion for precision is the driving force that fuels our investigations. Join him on our quest to illuminate the darkest corners of the unexplained, as he continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of the supernatural.


Rob, a true aficionado of the mysterious and the paranormal, is the co-founder and fearless leader of Grimm Investigations. With an insatiable curiosity for the unexplained, Rob has spent years delving into the shadows, seeking answers to the most enigmatic questions of the supernatural realm. A seasoned investigator and captivating storyteller, he has explored haunted locations across the globe, unearthing chilling tales and unexplained phenomena. Rob's dedication to the pursuit of the paranormal is matched only by his passion for sharing these bone-chilling experiences with the world. Whether he's leading investigations, recording captivating podcast episodes, or engaging with our community, Rob's boundless enthusiasm for all things eerie is contagious. Join him on this exhilarating journey into the unknown, as he continues to unravel the mysteries that lie just beyond the veil of our reality.

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